Want to reduce your footprint, grow better veggies, and improve the earth?

couple wondering how to compost

Have you considered composting?

Hi, we’re Seth and Kirstie and we love dirt. We also love durt, this website that we created to help you create the best compost possible in your home or backyard. Whether you want to grow more veggies, improve your grass, or reduce or food waste, we can make it happen.

Join me as we jump into the world of composting and create a thriving community where you can ask questions, get help and, when you’re experienced, help others in turn.

Composting Guides

The relaxed dining experience at Bento is chic and airy. High back chairs at the sushi bar coddle you for each course.

Tools and Gear Reviews

You could start composting with just some scraps, and a pointy stick. These things will just make it easier.

Will it Compost?

Whether you want to know about grass clipping, eggshells, or dead squirrels we’ve probably tried to compost it.

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