Does Composting Kill Weed Seeds?

Composting is an amazing method for converting biomass into a nutrient-rich medium that nourishes your plants, protects them from disease, and ensures a bountiful harvest. For home gardeners, one of the most abundant sources of biomass comes from weeds that are regularly removed from the garden. For many gardeners using weeds in their compost is … Read more

Can You Compost Newspaper and Junk Mail?

As a gardener and sustainability-minded individual it brings me grief to receive garbage in the form of Junk Mail.  For many, figuring out the most environmentally-friendly manner to dispose of it can be a headache. While certain Junk Mail is doomed for the landfill, others can save the trip and be composted right at home. … Read more

Farming Worms: The Complete Vermicomposting Guide

When a gardener digs into their soil and finds worms squirming around, they know they’ve got fertile grounds. These wiggly blind creatures are representative of healthy soils because of their relationship to the natural cycle of decomposition. They consume complex organic materials and turn them into plant-available nutrients infused with beneficial organisms. So when you … Read more

Can You Compost Pineapple?

Every time I stick something strange and new in my compost pile I watch it like a hawk for the next week. If things seem slow I’m always worried that messed up the ratios, acidity, microbiota, etc. At least that used to be me. The truth of the matter is, it’s pretty hard to mess … Read more

How Do I Know When My Compost Is Done?

For many gardeners, the best part of the composting process is seeing the results of your work and effort. Taking your shovel into your pile and revealing the dark, spongy, and earthy material that you’ve created. You’ve transformed primary materials into the nourishment for your soils and plant.  Depending on your materials, climate, and methods … Read more

How to Make Leaf Mold Compost Fast

Every fall trees such as Oak, Maple, Sycamores, and many others drop their leaves in preparation for the winter season. In nature, leaves provide important ecological services by protecting and nourishing the soils in which trees live. In urban settings they often cause a nuisance, covering lawns, patios, driveways, and any surface you can think … Read more

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