Composting Eggs & Eggshells: Everything You Need to Know

Composting guides often passively mention that you should compost eggshells and talk about how this common kitchen leftover can benefit your garden in compost tea and pest control. But how do you do it? In fact, many people are left wondering and specific such as, “Can I compost cooked eggs or raw eggs along with … Read more

Is Parchment Paper Compostable?

Parchment paper is the go-to tool for home bakers and individuals who routinely cooks things in their oven. It turns any pan or dish into a functioning non-stick surface and saves you the pain of having to clean it, especially if your food is greasy or sticks! We all know the feeling of having to … Read more

Can I Add Worms to My Compost Tumbler?

It seems like every time I hang out on composting forums I see the same question being asked over and over, “my compost tumbler seems slow, should I add worms?” It’s not a bad question, it really isn’t. It’s totally understandable for someone who knows very little about compost tumblers or worms to ask the … Read more

Why is my compost not breaking down?

When I first got a compost tumbler I checked on it every single day. Sometimes multiple times per day. It didn’t take long until I came to the conclusion that composting is just like baking cookies: nothing happens while you’re watching. However, if your compost isn’t breaking down (or isn’t breaking down as fast as … Read more

Can I Compost Pistachio Shells?

When I first started composting I had two main issues, one which caused the other. First off, I wanted to compost everything in my kitchen. This meant that, not only did I add a lot of weird things to my compost, but that I always found myself short on browns. One of the ways I … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Make Compost?

When my wife and I moved into our current house we were super excited to plant a garden. That is until we saw the soil. Sandy soil with nothing at all to offer vegetable plants. We knew that it would need some serious amending to start producing well for us and composting would be the … Read more

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