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Bear Proof Composting: Is it Possible?

Composting in bear country is a unique experience. The possibility that you might go out one morning and find your compost tumbler torn open like a tin can is not an enjoyable one. An even less enjoyable prospect in would be to find a bear mid-rummage through your tumbler or pile when you’re headed out … Read more

Dealing with maggots in your compost: Are they good or bad?

Maggots are disgusting. They exist in the filthiest places, feast on dead and rotting flesh (mostly corpses), and carry disease and death everywhere they go. At least that’s the view that every city-dwelling American seems to have. In many cultures maggots are far from something to be disgusted by. In fact, many places have survived … Read more

Topsoil vs. Compost: Can I use either one?

I’ve seen so many people arguing about which is better for their garden: topsoil or compost. The level of misunderstanding in this “fake argument” has gotten old. It makes me want to take my compost bin, upend it over the heads of the people arguing, and yell, “does that small like topsoil to you!?” Except … Read more