Can You Compost Newspaper and Junk Mail?

As a gardener and sustainability-minded individual it brings me grief to receive garbage in the form of Junk Mail.  For many, figuring out the most environmentally-friendly manner to dispose of it can be a headache. While certain Junk Mail is doomed for the landfill, others can save the trip and be composted right at home. … Read more

Can You Compost Pineapple?

Every time I stick something strange and new in my compost pile I watch it like a hawk for the next week. If things seem slow I’m always worried that messed up the ratios, acidity, microbiota, etc. At least that used to be me. The truth of the matter is, it’s pretty hard to mess … Read more

Is Parchment Paper Compostable?

Parchment paper is the go-to tool for home bakers and individuals who routinely cooks things in their oven. It turns any pan or dish into a functioning non-stick surface and saves you the pain of having to clean it, especially if your food is greasy or sticks! We all know the feeling of having to … Read more

Can I Compost Dead Animals?

Mother nature has been composting deal animals for millions of years. Every time an animal has died, it has made it back to the soil through decomposition. Until humans go into the mix. Now, however, people are trying to keep the natural order of the world running as smoothly as possible, many are wondering about … Read more